Board of Directors and Committees

Guided by steady leadership and a commitment to the highest levels of personal and professional integrity

Board of Directors

Evan G. Greenberg

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Chubb Limited / Chubb Group

Michael P. Connors*

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Information Services Group, Inc.
*Chubb Independent Lead Director

Michael G. Atieh

Retired Chief Financial and Business Officer
Ophthotech Corporation

Kathy Bonanno

Business Finance Officer
Google Cloud

Nancy K. Buese

Chief Financial Officer
Baker Hughes

Sheila P. Burke

Faculty Research Fellow
John F. Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University

Michael L. Corbat

Former Chief Executive Officer
Citigroup Inc.

Robert J. Hugin

Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Celgene Corporation

Robert W. Scully

Retired Co-President
Morgan Stanley

Theodore E. Shasta

Retired Partner
Wellington Management Company

David H. Sidwell

Retired Chief Financial Officer
Morgan Stanley

Olivier Steimer

Former Chairman
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise

Frances F. Townsend

Senior Counsel and Former Executive Vice President for
Corporate Affairs
Activision Blizzard

Committees, members and charters


*Lead Director

Contact the Board

How to reach our Board members

To contact our Board concerning accounting or audit matters, e-mail the Chair of the Audit Committee at: chmnaudit@chubb.com.

To contact the Lead Director, the Chairman of the Board, non-management and independent directors, the Chair of any Board Committee, or any director individually, e-mail our Lead Director, Michael Connors, at LeadDirector@chubb.com.

To contact the Corporate Secretary, or for other matters, e-mail corpsecy@chubb.com.

If you wish to send written communications, please mail to the Board of Directors, c/o Corporate Secretary, Chubb Limited, Bärengasse 32, CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland.