Corporate Governance at Chubb


Our approach to corporate governance is an important part of who we are and how we conduct ourselves every day, helping us mitigate and manage risks by providing clear lines of oversight and responsibility for management and the Board of Directors. We review and evolve corporate governance regularly. 

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Chubb’s Approach to Corporate Governance

Our Board sets high standards

Our Board establishes high standards for employees, managers and directors. The company complies with the rules of the SEC, the listing standards of the NYSE, Swiss law and corporate best practices.

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Board of Directors

Overseeing and monitoring the business and the company

Chubb Limited board members have individual backgrounds that together provide a portfolio of diverse experience and knowledge that serve our governance and strategic needs well.


A shared commitment to ethical behavior

All of us at Chubb share a responsibility to do our part to build and sustain a culture that defines who we are as an organization. Our culture is made up of the written and unwritten standards of behavior that describe how work gets done, how we make decisions, and how we collaborate with and treat one another. The Chubb Code of Conduct affirms the company’s shared commitment to ethical behavior throughout the organization. It is applicable to all directors, officers and employees and guides our staff in their day-to-day activities by clearly defining the company’s expectations for ethical conduct.

Managing our business responsibly

Enterprise risk management

Risk management at Chubb is rigorous, with processes and governance to provide checks and balances. Chubb’s global enterprise risk management (ERM) framework is embraced by colleagues at all levels of the company, from the Chief Executive Officer, other executive leaders and the Board of Directors down to each business unit and function. It is broadly multi–disciplinary and one of its objectives is effective governance.

Responsible underwriting

Underwriting discipline is at the heart of Chubb’s operating philosophy. We focus on the quality of underwriting over volume of business or market share. Our strategy is to manage risk through careful pricing and risk selection. Our approach has allowed us to maintain a profitable book of business throughout market cycles. 

ESG governance

The Nominating & Governance Committee has Board-delegated oversight of ESG matters and other Board Committees have oversight duties for ESG topics in accordance with their charters. ESG also remains a full Board topic. The Management Executive Committee is actively involved in ESG and ensures that Chubb’s Citizenship activities are consistent with the company’s culture, values corporate mission and business objectives.

Guarding your privacy

To protect personal and corporate information, Chubb has taken a multifaceted and multidisciplinary approach that uses administrative, technical and physical safeguards. We employ data protection strategies that are designed to monitor security threats as well as protocols to respond to them.

Governance Documents

Chubb is committed to the highest levels of ethical conduct and corporate governance standards which are consistent with our corporate culture. See the documents below that guide the members of the Board in their oversight of the company, as well as officers and employees in their day-to-day activities.

Report a Violation

The Chubb Ethics Helpline

The Chubb Ethics Helpline is a free, confidential service you can call 24 hours a day if you have questions or concerns about ethics or integrity at Chubb.

The Chubb Ethics Helpline is also available for those with information about any actual or potential violations of The Chubb Code of Conduct, or about any actual or planned wrongdoing or unethical behavior involving the company or any of its employees.

To reach the Chubb Ethics Helpline:

In the United States and Canada, call +1 888 475 8995 (toll-free).

Access globally online:

For claims, customer service matters or complaints involving your insurance policy with Chubb, please refer to your policy documentation for applicable contact information.

For U.S. claims matters, including obtaining an update of the status of your claim, you will find additional information here.