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Chubb® Methane Resource Hub




Helping Our Clients Reduce Methane Emissions

Welcome to the Chubb Methane Resource Hub, a digital resource to support Chubb’s oil and gas clients in identifying and adopting methane emissions reduction technologies.

Clients implementing evidence-based methane reduction plans will find information and tools, including a library of best practices, news and a directory of service providers for monitoring, leak protection and equipment. 

We plan to update the Chubb Methane Resource Hub from time to time, so visit periodically for information on new tools and services.




Oil and Gas Equipment and Service Providers Directory

The EPA has published a helpful directory that shares information about service and technology providers that can facilitate methane emission reduction activities. To access the directory please click here.



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For assistance with understanding and navigating the landscape of service and technology providers, please contact us at the link below to talk with a Chubb Climate representative.



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