Chubb Rule of Law Fund


Chubb is committed to the advancement and preservation of the rule of law. Through the Chubb Rule of Law Fund, the company supports organizations and activities that promote conditions conducive to the rule of law, including:


  • The development of rules-based legal systems, with an independent and knowledgeable judiciary, capable of facilitating modern economic activity
  • The elimination of systemic public and private corruption
  • The restoration or preservation of safety and security in daily life, free from arbitrary violence or widespread civil disorder
  • The free flow of information and transparency in the administration of laws and regulations
  • Meaningful access to, and adequate representation in, civil and criminal proceedings

The Fund, which began in 2008 as a program for Chubb’s Legal and Compliance Group, is now a global corporate commitment, reflecting the importance of the rule of law to our company, our employees, our customers and our communities.

Our mission

The Chubb Rule of Law Fund’s purpose is to advance the rule of law worldwide by supporting projects that build and strengthen legal institutions.


The Fund’s grants have been distributed across a variety of project types, to organizations in every region of the world in which Chubb does business.

Focus Area

Racial justice

Events that unfolded across the U.S. in 2020 focused Chubb’s attention more intensely on the persistent challenges arising from bigotry, racism and racial injustice in society, particularly for Black people. Chubb is taking specific actions to be an anti-racist company, among them are supporting programs to address inequality and promote social, economic and racial justice through the Chubb Rule of Law Fund. The Fund has made seven grants, including four announced in early 2021 that total $1.1 million, on initiatives to improve police and community relations, and to understand and reduce racial inequities throughout the criminal justice process.  

Improving trust and fairness in community policing Play icon
Equal Justice USA

Improving trust and fairness in community policing

The Chubb Rule of Law Fund is helping Equal Justice USA expand its Newark, N.J.-based police training program “Trauma to Trust” to other U.S. cities. This innovative program brings police officers and community residents together to increase empathy, understanding, trust and accountability. Over multiple sessions, police and community members work with a trained facilitator to learn how historical and personal trauma affects their interactions and perceptions of one another, building trust and fairness in community policing. The program has earned praise from police officers, community members and civic leaders, and garnered national attention.  

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Policing Project at NYU Law School

Promoting public safety through transparency, equity, and democratic engagement

The Chubb Rule of Law Fund awarded the Policing Project at NYU Law School grants for two projects to reform policing practices. In Chicago, the grant will support the expansion of successful community policing practices that enhance accountability, problem solving and increased positive contact between police officers and neighborhood residents. Funds from the grant will help to develop the program as a model for other cities. The Fund is also supporting the organization’s First Response project, which is in the process of developing state-of-the-art protocols for responding to emergency 911 calls to reduce the likelihood of inadvertent, unnecessary or disproportionate use of force.

hands holding prison bars
The Pennsylvania Innocence Project

Addressing racial disparities in the criminal justice system

Various studies have demonstrated that Black people are substantially more likely than other racial groups to be wrongfully convicted in U.S. courts. A grant to The Pennsylvania Innocence Project is supporting its efforts to amend state law to increase integrity in the criminal justice system by providing for greater transparency of police misconduct, access to records of police investigations, including exculpatory evidence, and an open registry of the use of jailhouse informants and recorded interrogations.  


Focus Area

International projects

Outside the United States, the Fund’s new projects address a broad spectrum of crucial challenges to the rule of law around the world. Chubb Rule of Law Fund grants are supporting projects including building an international legal regime for millions of refugees worldwide, developing a “judicial mediators” model for resolving long-running human rights issues in Colombia, and advancing efforts to establish a Latin American pro bono program to meet the extensive demand for legal assistance.

young boy refugee behind chainlink fence
Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice

Building an international refugee legal regime for the 21st century

The international legal regime for refugee protection, constructed decades ago and long before the ongoing migration crisis brought on by 21st century globalization, requires substantial reform. The Chubb Rule of Law Fund is supporting the Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice, which is working with a range of refugee advocates, academics, and law firm partners to develop a refugee law reform agenda to ensure that refugee policies and laws are consistent with the rule of law. Current reports of refugee abuse, exacerbated by pandemic responses, underscore the urgency of this work.

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Empowering Judges

Judicial training in Guatemala

Recently, we joined with other multinational companies and law firms to provide important training for judges in Guatemala to help promote greater independence and integrity in the judicial process.

Learn how judges received support from the Rule of Law Fund in facing the challenges to the court system in Guatemala.


Ending juvenile solitary confinement Play icon

Ending juvenile solitary confinement

A key area of focus for the Chubb Rule of Law Fund is ensuring that young people facing extended incarceration have adequate access to justice. We’re especially proud to support the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia, whose mission is to advocate for rights, dignity, equity and opportunity for youth in the child welfare and justice systems.

Learn first-hand about the impact of juvenile solitary confinement as Alyssa and Vidal tell their stories.


Since 2008, the Chubb Rule of Law Fund has been focused on building and strengthening the legal institutions that make societies prosperous and fair.

Chubb has been recognized by the United Nations Global Compact, the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world. The Global Compact identified Chubb as the only global corporation with its own rule of law fund, and has showcased the Fund at numerous UN-sponsored events.

The Financial Times has awarded the Chubb Rule of Law Fund with the Innovation in the Rule of Law and Access to Justice Award.

The Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice honored the Chubb Rule of Law Fund with an Award for International Pro Bono Excellence at the New York City Bar Association.


The Chubb Rule of Law Fund is supported by the Chubb Charitable Foundation and the generous support of our partner law firms.



The Chubb Rule of Law Fund’s purpose is to advance the rule of law worldwide by supporting projects that build and strengthen legal institutions.

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