Protecting the present and building a better future


Good corporate citizenship lies at our core — how we practice our craft of insurance, how we work together to serve our customers, how we treat each other, and how we help to make a better world.


We accomplish our mission by providing the security from risk that allows people and businesses to grow and prosper. Our mission is realized by sustaining a culture that values and rewards excellence, integrity, inclusion and opportunity; by working to protect our planet and assisting less fortunate individuals and communities in achieving and sustaining productive and healthy lives; and by promoting the rule of law.

From our roots in 18th century Philadelphia, we have built Chubb to be a dynamic, forward-looking global enterprise with a commitment to responsible citizenship. We act on this promise of responsibility through a wide range of activities that include our contributions of time and money.


Chubb supports global pandemic relief efforts

Chubb has committed more than $10 million to pandemic relief efforts globally. The company’s support, which is funded through the Chubb Charitable Foundation, is directed to a range of partner organizations around the world to provide essential resources immediately in areas facing the most acute need.

With you, Chubb is better

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We recognize our responsibility to ensure opportunity within our own organization by creating an atmosphere where all colleagues, regardless of who they are, feel comfortable bringing their best to the table.  


Philanthropy and volunteerism

Through philanthropy, global partnerships and volunteerism focused on giving the gift of time and donations, the Chubb Charitable Foundation supports clearly defined projects that solve problems with measurable and sustainable outcomes, helping people in the countries where we live and work build productive and healthy lives.


Environment and climate change

Chubb’s commitment to doing its part as a steward of the Earth includes recognizing and responding to the reality of climate change, managing environmental risk for our customers, supporting environmental resiliency projects, protecting biodiversity and reducing the environmental footprint of our own operations.


Chubb Rule of Law Fund

Chubb is committed to the advancement and preservation of the rule of law. Through the Chubb Rule of Law Fund, the company supports organizations and activities focused on building and strengthening legal institutions. Founded in 2008, the Fund reflects the importance of the rule of law to our company, our employees, our customers and our communities.


Citizenship reports

As part of Chubb’s commitment to accountability and transparency, we provide regular reports and updates on our citizenship and sustainability initiatives.


Chubb 2023 Climate Related Financial Disclosure

The Chubb Corporate Environmental Program is now in its 17th year. Chubb remains committed to communicating important information about the company’s environmental initiatives to our clients, shareholders, employees, business partners, the communities where we operate and others who have an interest in our company, our industry and the environment. Our Climate Related Financial Disclosure outlines the full scope of the company’s environmental program and initiatives.