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Chubb Global Climate Business Unit

With our Global Climate Business Unit, we are drawing on Chubb’s extensive technical capabilities in underwriting and risk engineering, bringing together Chubb units engaged in traditional, alternative and renewable energy, Climate Tech, Agribusiness and Risk Engineering services.

The new business unit will provide a full spectrum of insurance products and services to businesses engaged in developing or employing new technologies and processes that support the transition to a low-carbon economy. It will also provide risk management and resiliency services to help those managing the impact of climate change.

We’re enabling climate change progress around the world, both at an industry level and in local communities. By taking on a wide range of risks for the long-term with a full spectrum of solutions, we can scale to meet your growth and needs – however complex.

Because climate progress needs protecting.


  • 20+ years’ experience protecting renewable energy businesses, keeping pace with rapid change 
  • A full spectrum of solutions that scale, serving early-stage innovators to commercialization of complex technologies
  • A commitment to innovation as we underwrite risks for a third of the Global Cleantech 100 companies
  • Local presence in 54 countries and territories gives us insight into the leading edge of new technology developments
  • Dedicated, industry-specific expertise from our underwriters and risk engineers, who enable risk mitigation with customized solutions
  • Pioneering the next generation of risk management with a one-of-its-kind global educational facility: the Chubb Risk Engineering Center
  • Sharing insights and best practices with brokers and clients to help them seize opportunities in a low-carbon economy
  • A long-term, scientifically based approach, backed by substantial resources and commitment, to help our clients manage complexity as risk evolves 

Energy Solutions

We are expanding our capabilities to support the growth of alternative and renewable energy companies. We are also drawing on our risk engineering and technical underwriting expertise to support and encourage traditional oil and gas companies that are transitioning to lower-carbon and clean energy alternatives.

Climate Tech & Emerging Technologies

As Climate Tech businesses innovate and build new technologies for the future, they face unique risks due to both the unprecedented nature of their operations and an evolving regulatory environment.  With Chubb’s industry-leading expertise in the Climate Tech industry, clients have our trusted support to protect their organizations.

Agriculture & Crop

Rain and Hail, a Chubb Company, provides farmers and ranchers risk management insurance solutions for extreme weather events.

Climate Change Services

Chubb helps businesses identify climate-related exposures and provides risk management expertise to help mitigate environmental challenges to business continuity and resiliency.


Chubb helps protect its clients from water damage through comprehensive flood coverage.


Chubb’s environmental insurance solutions provide customized technical support, services, and liability protections for mitigating premises-based risks, including pollution, which may be heightened due to a changing climate.

Meet the Team
Seasoned Leadership Focused on Chubb’s Global Climate Business Unit

Providing climate-related solutions to support organizational resiliency in the face of climate change.

Matthew Hardy

Matthew Hardy, Global Climate Business Leader and Chief Underwriting Officer - Natural Resources for Chubb Overseas General, has nearly 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. Since joining the company in 1996, Matthew has excelled in several leadership roles in the Energy space including Head of Onshore, Chief Underwriting Officer and Executive Vice President, COG Energy.


Mr. Hardy is a recognized thought leader and speaks regularly around the challenges faced through energy transition to environmentally friendly and renewable natural resources. He is also an active member of Chubb’s Global Climate Advisory Group, collaborating cross-divisionally to develop and expand climate-relevant insurance solutions.

Matthew McMullin

Matthew McMullin, Global Climate Business Leader and North America Energy Leader, joined the company in 2008 as a Senior Financial Analyst, after which he held several underwriting and leadership roles with Global Casualty.  In June 2021 he joined the commercial Insurance Energy Industry Practice where he led the division’s underwriting portfolio strategy.  He has since been named Leader of the overall North America Insurance Energy practice, where he will continue in that role.


Under Mr. McMullin’s leadership, Chubb has taken on an industry-leading position in the renewable energy space as it continues to evolve and expand outside of oil and gas.  Mr. McMullin is an active member of Chubb’s Environmental Product Board, monitoring emerging environmental trends and driving underwriting strategy to address challenges and opportunities.

Press Release
Press Release

Chubb Announces Global Climate Business Unit

Chubb (NYSE: CB) announced the launch of a new Global Climate Business Unit, drawing on the company’s extensive technical capabilities in underwriting and risk engineering, bringing together Chubb units engaged in traditional, alternative and renewable energy, Climate Tech, Agribusiness and risk engineering services.

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