Professional development program takes Chubb employees to offices across the globe

two businesspeople on the move

Program helps employees expand their professional horizons.

Laura McLaughlin’s journey as an underwriter at Chubb has literally taken her to the other side of the world – from Philadelphia to Singapore. Ditebogo Nhlapo’s journey took her north, from Johannesburg to London. For Lindsey Macwilliams, the path began in Newport Beach, California and saw her blaze a trail across North America with rotations to Philadelphia and Mexico City.

McLaughlin, Nhlapo and Macwilliams gained that global experience as part of the company’s International Underwriter Rotation Program (IRP).

The 22-month program typically begins with a year in the participants’ home region before they rotate to another region for the second year. The experience is facilitated by Chubb’s internal audit team, giving global learning opportunities to current Chubb underwriters and helping to develop future leaders who have a strong international perspective.

The program exposes participants to a broad range of business units, products and services, processes, and systems. Just as important, IRP offers networking opportunities with senior management.

With more than 600 offices and operations in 54 countries and territories, Chubb is in a unique position to support employees who want to take their professional development beyond the borders of their home country. Since IRP began, 35% of graduates have been promoted at least once since their completing the program. IRP has also succeeded in both helping employees expand their horizons within the company: more than 70% of graduates decided to work in a different line of business; half relocated to a different office; and 21% moved to work for Chubb in a different country or region.

“IRP has been invaluable to my development as an insurance professional,” McLaughlin said. “I graduated from this program with a stronger business acumen, a more refined set of critical thinking skills and a broadened understanding of risk management – all of which prepared me for continued success as I move forward in my career.”

Employees participating in the program gain deeper insight into Chubb’s operations, and the complexities of managing a global corporation.

“It presented me with a holistic view of the company, both locally and internationally, and has provided me knowledge that will prove beneficial in my career,” said Macwilliams. “The skills I gained and the relationships I made across the globe will be with me forever. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the IRP and look forward to my future endeavors with Chubb."

“Chubb benefits by developing talented underwriters who graduate the program with a combination of underwriting expertise, international experience and exposure and a well-developed risk and controls mindset – all of which will benefit the organization for years to come,” said George F. Ohsiek, Jr., Chief Auditor.

Nhlapo, who had the unique experience of spending all 22 months of the program in London, emerged feeling like IRP had not just added a stamp on her passport, but altered the course of her career.

“The rotation program is a great platform for anyone looking to expand their knowledge, expertise, regional exposure to the Chubb business as well as people seeking to advance their career internally,” she said. “My gratitude to the program directors for their support and the opportunity to be a part of this life-changing experience.”