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Championing the next generation of artists

New York Academy of Art fellowship creates path to success for new artists

It’s any young artist’s dream: financial support, the time and space to create, and the opportunity to exhibit their work alongside prominent artists. Through its partnership with the New York Academy of Art (NYAA), Chubb is making that dream a reality for gifted new artists.

The Chubb Fellowship is the highest honor that the New York Academy of Art can bestow on its students. Founded in 1982 by artists, scholars and patrons of the arts, including Andy Warhol, the New York Academy of Art is a not-for-profit educational and cultural institution that combines intensive technical training in drawing, painting and sculpture with critical discussion of the artists’ work. 

“Chubb insures some of the world’s largest collections, but we also have a rich history of involvement with cultural institutions and programs that champion emerging artists,” said Laura Doyle, Vice President, Art, Jewelry and Valuable Collections at Chubb. “For us, it’s very important to support the arts community, and that really means supporting the next generation of artists.”

“I always say the fellowship is like having the first year of their career on us, thanks to Chubb,” said David Kratz, President of the New York Academy of Art. “We’re looking for people for whom the gift of this time and support will really advance their work. We want them to end up in a different place than where they started.”

Chubb has been sponsoring three New York Academy of Arts fellows every year since 2015. The Chubb Fellows have the opportunity to extend their studies for one year to focus solely on their craft. Fellows receive studio space, a generous stipend, exhibition opportunities, and serve as teachers and mentors to a new class of talented artists at NYAA.   


“I remember just being unbelievably excited. I get to work and practice as an artist in New York City for a third year. I have a studio space that will help me get to that next level,” said Jed Webster Smith, a 2022 Chubb Fellow. “So the Chubb fellowship gives me the ability to take on these projects that I’ve been thinking about for some time. “


Exhibiting the work

The culmination of the year-long program is an exhibition of their work at the academy – where they can further cement their stamp on the art world. In addition, for the past two years Chubb has hosted a lounge at Art Basel Miami Beach – perhaps the most prestigious global art fair in North America – where Chubb Fellows exhibited their work. “The professional exposure to the industry is an extremely beneficial thing for a young artist like myself who wouldn’t really be given those opportunities,” said Wilba Simson, a 2022 Chubb Fellow. “I’m over the moon. A couple of years in, and I’m going to Art Basel. You know, that’s amazing.”

The experience at Art Basel connects fellows with an influential network of art dealers, collectors and other artists who have the potential to support them throughout their promising careers.


Over the years, Chubb Fellows have been awarded residencies and exhibited their work in group and solo shows all around the globe. “Seeing all the artists I love, a lot of them have the Chubb fellowship, and I’ve been following their success. It’s been amazing to see,” said Hannah Murray, a 2022 Chubb Fellow.  

“At Chubb we really believe in the impact of art on society,” said Doyle. “For us, we look forward to continuing to engage with cultural institutions, to supporting these artists’ careers, and to following the next generation of artists.”

Learn more about Chubb’s official partnership with Art Basel Miami Beach and the work of the six most recently showcased NYAA Fellows.


1. Hannah Murray
2. Wilba Simson
3. Wilba Simson, Untitled Self Portrait
4. Jed Smith
5. Jed Smith, Lost Mail
6. Hannah Murray, Hearts of Gold