Our People

We are a diverse group of professionals, fueled by a can-do attitude, who practice our craft with precision and passion.


At Chubb, we stand behind the promises we make to conceive, craft and deliver exceptional insurance coverage and service, and to pay our claims fairly and quickly. That's what makes us Craftsmen of Insurance®.

We practice our craft better than any company of size — and have a track record of outperformance that demonstrates it. The insights we gain from being close to our customers and distribution partners enable us to better meet the needs of each market with the right products, capabilities and services. Our reliability, consistency and quality make us a go-to source for agents and brokers to serve their customers. 

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Craftsmanship® at Chubb

Precision, expertise, excellence in execution.


The craft of underwriting

Craftspeople use their experience and skill to design and create works of quality. At Chubb, that’s how we think about the insurance coverage we write for our customers. It’s about applying our knowledge, insights and expertise about risk to find the best way to craft the protection to do the job and then get it done for our clients and distribution partners. We combine a passion for service with deep experience and exceptional financial strength to deliver the best possible insurance coverage for people and for businesses big and small.

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Fine works require many skilled hands

Fern Tan

Head of Casualty, Singapore


Fern Tan, Senior Casualty Underwriter in Singapore, believes “insurance is a people business. It’s built on trust and those we serve.”

As a craftsman of insurance, Fern approaches things differently. She always gets others involved to work on finding a better way. “I try to think out of the box and find solutions” says Fern. “For me, being a craftsman is about being a problem solver. It’s about understanding fine works require many skilled hands. It’s about coming together as a team and coming out with a solution.”


Protecting businesses and individuals

Every day, around the world and around the clock, the people of Chubb offer individuals, families and businesses protection from unpredictable risks and threats. When you buy an insurance policy from Chubb, you buy a promise that we will be there when you need us most. Our reputation for superior service is second to none. Chubb’s professionals — from underwriters and claims adjusters to commercial risk engineers and residential risk consultants — are always striving to deliver exceptional service to our customers and business partners. It’s who we are.

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You can go home again

Marcelle Dial

Property Claims Manager, United States


Marcelle Dial, a Chubb Property Claims Manager, explains, “Craftsmanship is excelling at every part of the process.” That process includes everything from in-depth discussions about your home, to being there during a time of distress, to recreating your home exactly as it was before. With more than 20 years of experience at Chubb, she knows first hand that no two claims — or clients — are alike.

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The importance of empathy

Martin Sloan

Accident & Health Senior Claims Handler, United Kingdom


As a craftsman of insurance, Martin understands his clients are on the move more and more. “When a person is injured or becomes ill, especially when they’re away from home, it’s probably one of the most stressful times an individual may experience. “Empathy for a customer is extremely important and an essential skill for an accident and claims handler to have.”

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Vintage experience

Katelyn Foster

Risk Engineer, United States  


Katelyn Foster, a Chubb Risk Engineer, explains, "Craftsmanship is precision. We work with clients and help them develop their safety culture. We want to know about every little piece in the process so we can put it together and ensure our clients operate at a higher level."

For Katelyn, her work focusing on wineries and nature preserves is special because she helps owners "protect what is important to them – their business and their employees."


Fueled by a can-do attitude

A can-do attitude is having a state of mind with the confidence and commitment to solve a problem, find an answer or accomplish a goal. A can-do attitude comes with firmness and resolve. Imagine what a team of can-do professionals, armed with decades of experience and backed by the resources of a global leader, can do for you.   

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The voice of reason

Sony Tapia

Auto Claims Regional Director, Mexico


Sony Tapia, a Chubb Auto Claims Manager in Mexico, explains, "In an accident people are angry. We’re trained to be the voice of reason in situations like this.”

For Sony, his team provides an indispensable service. “We have more than 90,000 car accidents a year in Monterrey. That means we have to be at our best, all of the time. We have to be ready to make the accident claims process easy for our clients.”

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Navigating uncertainty

Margaret Tsai

Assistant Vice President, Head of Basic Book


For Margaret Tsai, her approach to helping clients is simple. “Understand their needs, solve their problems and give them peace of mind.” 

As a craftsman of insurance, Margaret knows her clients often are traveling into unfamiliar surroundings. “You can’t be successful without winning their trust,” says Margaret. “Being a craftsman is also about perseverance and persistence in your work.”


Respecting and valuing our differences

At Chubb, we recognize that being authentic at work unleashes performance. We are at our best for clients and each other when all colleagues bring their “whole self” to work and feel comfortable about expressing who they are in an environment that is respectful of diversity and leverages differences for better decision-making.

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Nandini Mani

Executive Vice President, Claims for Overseas General Insurance


Nandini Mani leads claims for the company’s international general insurance operations in 51 countries and territories.

For Mani, the company’s commitment to diversity is a reason to be proud she works for Chubb. “We love approaching different kinds of people and different kinds of companies and figuring out what their needs are – across cultures and languages. And that embracing of difference – not just toleration but that celebration of difference – is really at the core of what Chubb is.” 

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Earthquakes, floods, disasters. It’s my job.

Catalina Sierra

Risk Engineer Manager, Chile


Catalina Sierra, a Chubb Risk Engineer Manager in Chile, explains, "Earthquakes, floods, natural disasters. These are the things I think about all the time. But I don’t worry. I enjoy thinking about these things. It is my job.”

For Catalina, what she does begins with understanding. “Having a good relationship with clients is vital. They need to see me as more than just a person from an insurance company. They need to see me as a person they can trust and help them best manage their risks.”


With you, Chubb is better

We recognize our responsibility to ensure opportunity within our own organization by creating an atmosphere where all colleagues, regardless of who they are, feel comfortable bringing their best to the table. Meeting diverse customer needs requires the best minds collaborating in a rewarding and supportive environment. Whether you’re on our team now or considering joining us – your talents and unique perspectives make a difference here.