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Driving Accountability


Measuring our progress every step of the way

Building and advancing a fair, equitable and inclusive workplace is a journey that requires commitment and action. It’s an enterprise-wide effort that must be measured and enhanced over time.

Our leaders are clear about the role they play in this mission. We provide resources and data to help them be purposeful in their decisions to develop and engage diverse teams. We have set high expectations for diverse candidate slates across all leadership roles. And we are constantly tracking our progress so we can push to do more.

Our approach

Engaged and inclusive leadership

Our leaders define the need for change, set the tone for what’s important, and make the business case for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Intentional Inclusion for leaders is an overarching approach to deepen and ingrain inclusion practices within Chubb’s talent cycle strengthening how we attract, assess, develop and retain talent to achieve workforce diversification.  

Education and awareness

Change starts with new insights. To become a more inclusive culture, we examine how our views shape mindsets and behaviors. It’s about making sure that all team members are treated with dignity and can contribute their best. 

Enterprise-wide initiatives

Diversity, equity and inclusion influences how we work across the business. It is integral to our culture. Our employee policies, procedures, systems and initiatives will reflect this commitment.

Measurement and metrics

We track and report internally on key talent metrics, including diversity data and employee retention. To ensure progress, we hold our leaders and our entire organization accountable. We apply the same rigor to our diversity efforts that exist in other areas of our business.

Clear communication

Clarity in communication and messaging reinforces our commitment to change. Our leaders articulate our culture clearly, consistently and repeatedly.

Workforce diversity reporting

We review extensive data about our workforce, including the data reported to the U.S. government on our EEO-1 form report. This EEO-1 data is just one of the metrics we use to measure our diversity and inclusion efforts, and should be understood as one part of the wider efforts we have made to increase diversity and inclusion as we work to build a truly anti-racist culture at Chubb.

Leadership Voices
Inclusive Hiring

A framework for enhancing our workforce

Holding ourselves accountable means understanding that experience and education are not the only indicators of potential.

Our Inclusive Hiring Toolkit helps us achieve our diversity goals. It provides key practices and procedures that help us reduce bias – from the recruiting process to onboarding and beyond.

diversity illustration