Public Policy Engagement & Disclosure


Chubb is committed to constructive and responsible engagement in the U.S. political process. We believe that this engagement is essential to protect and advance the company’s interests. The company is subject to extensive regulation and our interests can be affected by a wide range of regulatory and legislative action in areas as diverse as flood and terrorism risk mitigation, tax policy, tort reform and industry-specific capital requirements. We seek to educate and inform public officials about the company’s positions on these and other policy issues that are important to our business, employees, policyholders and shareholders.

Our activities include engagement with state and federal elected officials, supporting business and industry trade associations, political action committee (PAC) sponsorship, and providing PAC or corporate funds (where permitted by law) to state candidates and/or ballot initiatives. In all cases, Chubb political activities are intended to reflect and further Chubb’s corporate interest, and not the personal interest of any of our officers, directors or employees.