A focus area of the Chubb Charitable Foundation 


Chubb supports equitable access to education through scholarships and other educational programs.

Chubb’s support helps to open doors of opportunity for women and men, children and adults, to reach their full potential. Our educational philanthropy is also one of the tangible ways we advance our commitment to support racial diversity and inclusion in the broader community, our industry and our own workforce.




Focus Area

Higher education that creates opportunity

Education opens pathways of opportunity for individuals to reach their full potential. Educated citizens and an educated workforce are also essential for the social development and economic growth of communities and nations. The Chubb Charitable Foundation’s commitment to higher education is realized through a series of scholarship programs that benefit students with financial need, including people of color.  

Per Scholas

For nearly a decade, Chubb has supported the development and implementation of Per Scholas’ tech curriculum, advancing economic opportunity through rigorous tech career training for groups significantly underrepresented in IT roles. Through Per Scholas’ web and software development programs, individuals from underserved communities have trained for transformative careers in tech. Per Scholas sites across the U.S. are pioneering new solutions to close the skills gap, diversify the tech workforce and dramatically expand access to high-quality jobs. Program participants are placed in tech positions such as data engineer, front-end web developer and software engineer, allowing them to earn starting wages more than 275% higher than their pre-training income.  Over the past eight years, Chubb has provided funding that has supported nearly 750 students. 

Harlem Educational Activities Fund (HEAF)

Operating within the largest and most complex school district in the U.S., Harlem Education Activities Fund’s High Expectations program prepares middle schoolers in grades six through eight for admission to selective high schools in New York City through academic support, preparation for the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) and specialized classes focusing on STEM and arts enrichment. Within a community primarily comprised of economically disadvantaged residents, first-generation college families and immigrant households, HEAF’s college preparatory program stands out by serving youth who otherwise would not have had the same opportunities or access to resources to pursue and graduate college. By starting in middle school, HEAF helps ensure the greatest long-term student impact. Since 2018, Chubb has provided funding that has supported nearly 450 students.  

Providence St. Mel School

The Providence St. Mel School Scholarship Fund aims to increase opportunities for students with the greatest need by providing an accessible and affordable college preparatory education at Providence St. Mel School. Chubb’s support for the scholarship fund enables students to afford, attend and remain at Providence St. Mel.  This vital scholarship funding increases access to enriched educational programs and increases the academic trajectory and college attendance rates of children on the West side of Chicago.

Focus Area

Training teachers to serve underserved communities

Chubb is helping to support the expansion of educational opportunities around the world through its support of Teach for All, a global network of more than 40 independent, locally led and governed partner organizations that enlists promising leaders to teach in economically disadvantaged, high-need communities for two years, and, in the long-term, drive systemic changes in their community.

Teach For All

Teach For All network partners are working to address the many challenges and barriers facing students globally. Chubb’s partnership with Teach for All provides support for its global leadership development programs as well as directly supporting network partners in countries where Chubb has significant operations. This includes training institutes in Colombia and Mexico and a Teach For Thailand grant to help ensure participants’ impact on student growth while cultivating a thriving alumni community.

Chubb’s investment in Teach for America increases its efforts to expand and support a diverse network of leaders who amplify opportunities for students in low-income communities. Teacher leadership development programming supports the training of incoming teachers in Los Angeles and New York and ongoing professional development opportunities are available for Teach for America members in the Greater Philadelphia area. Together we share a commitment in pursuing educational equity for children. To date, Chubb has provided $2.4 million in financial support that has helped recruit and train more than 2,300 teachers.

Focus Area

Funding scholarships that lift up diverse and talented students

Chubb understands that the dynamic social and economic roles that insurers play — assuming risk from individuals and businesses and pooling capital for long-term investments and infrastructure development — helps drive growth and opportunity. Because the insurance industry offers exceptional career opportunities, and also requires talented, capable and educated people to do this work, the Chubb Charitable Foundation funds scholarship programs that prepare students for employment in our industry.  The students we support are talented, diverse and have a demonstrated need for financial support.  

Georgia State University Risk Management Foundation

Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business has one of the nation’s top risk management and insurance (RMI) programs and is recognized for its success in its graduating Black and Latinx students. Chubb provides more annual scholarship funds to Robinson RMI students than any other company, helping to train an even greater number of students from diverse backgrounds to become the next generation of risk and insurance leaders. 

Chubb deepened its decade-long partnership with GSU in 2021 when it introduced the Chubb Robert M. Hernandez Scholarship as part of the company’s commitment to provide financial support and advancement opportunities for diverse students.  Scholarships are awarded to two to five students annually. Recipients also will be considered by Chubb for employment opportunities, where applicable.  The scholarship is named for Robert M. Hernandez, who served on the Chubb Board of Directors for nearly 35 years, including 16 years as independent Lead Director.

St. Joseph’s University

In 2004, Chubb created a permanent endowment fund at St. Joseph’s University to support a Faculty Chair with a gift of $1.5 million. The Brian C. Duperreault ’69 Chair for Risk Management and Insurance provides funds to underwrite the salary and research of the chair holder.

St. John's University – School of Risk Management

For the past 15 years, Chubb’s funding has supported the continuation and expansion of professional development within St. John’s University’s Maurice R. Greenberg School of Risk Management, Insurance and Actuarial Science. SJU’s programming seeks to offset gaps in economic or social advantages by ensuring access to professional developmental activities and professional credentialing for students. Further scholarship support aimed at retention of students facing undue financial challenges is also provided. Chubb has provided scholarship funding that has supported more than 400 students.

Robert Clements Scholarship

Since it was established in 1996, the Robert Clements Scholarship has provided financial support to a diverse group of nearly 30 Bermudian university students, enabling them to complete their degrees in insurance-related studies and to pursue careers in the international insurance industry. The scholarship was established in recognition of Mr. Clements’s contribution to the creation of ACE Limited in 1985 and in celebration of the completion of 10 years of successful business in Bermuda.  To date, Chubb has provided $3.2 million in funding to Bermudians interested in entering the insurance industry, 90% of whom are people of color. Internship opportunities within Chubb are provided to all scholars during their tenure, with nearly half of all scholars offered full-time positions with Chubb upon graduation.

Chubb Bermuda College Education Award

Chubb and Bermuda College formed a partnership in 2008 with the goal of helping students make the connection between their studies and the workplace.  One component of this partnership is the Chubb Bermuda College Education Award, offered annually to a suitably qualified graduate of Bermuda College, with demonstrated financial need, entering at least their third year of a four-year (or a second year of three-year U.K.) degree program at an accredited university. The Education Award of $15,000 covers tuition and fees for up to two years immediately following graduation from Bermuda College. Over the past 12 years, Chubb has provided more than $430,000 in funding to support nearly 20 students from diverse backgrounds. Our scholars have successfully completed their studies in fields ranging from insurance and risk management, actuarial science, dentistry, psychology and medicine, education and hospitality. 

Focus Area

Our people 

As part of Chubb’s commitment to continuing education, the company offers scholarship programs for the children and the grandchildren of Chubb employees and retirees. The Chubb Scholarship programs select recipients based on financial need, academic achievement and involvement in extracurricular activities. These programs help families offset of portion of the escalating costs of higher education.


Supporting the children and grandchildren of Chubb employees

Chubb Worldwide Scholarship Program

Developed in 2012 to help families offset a portion of the escalating costs of higher education for undergraduate university studies. To date, Chubb has awarded scholarships to more than 130 children or dependents of employees in 21 countries.

Chubb Foundation Scholarship Program

Formed in 1953 to provide educational scholarships for the children and grandchildren of Chubb’s employees and retirees. Recipients are selected based on academic achievement, involvement in extracurricular activities and financial need.

Foundation scholarship